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Here’s Your Sign From the Universe to Find a Better Opportunity

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From the moment you choose accounting as your major, the one thing you consistently hear from peers and professors is “go into public accounting when you graduate.” Many professors, being Big 4 alum themselves, urge you to take a traditional path: internship, graduate, full-time role, CPA exam, and then put in your mandatory two years (or more) in public. Nowadays some accounting students are choosing not to take the traditional route described above though a good majority still do because, well, that’s just the way it is. It’s the way it’s always been. It’s just what you do.

That’s not to say the traditional path is bad and the sole reason why people are bypassing it these days. Quite the opposite, actually. No matter what you read on social media and certain accounting blogs (*cough*), there is no experience like putting in a few years at a public accounting firm. Yes, you will be tested. Yes, you will sacrifice. And yes, the pay leaves something to be desired, at least for those early years. In exchange, you will see the man behind the curtain pulling the levers of business. You’ll be exposed to different kinds of clients, make connections that will last a lifetime, and, most of all, you’ll learn how to thrive in a people-centric, oftentimes (OK, almost always) stressful environment. If you can make it in public, you can make it anywhere. Well, except in public for any longer than you have to.

When you get to the point in your public accounting career that you’re ready to start thinking about exit opportunities, you no doubt think of industry, non-profit, or government, usually in that order. Thing is, something’s changed in recent years. Accounting students are going straight to data analytics fresh out of school, firms are hiring more non-accounting grads than ever, fewer and fewer accounting graduates are even pursuing the CPA exam. You are no longer bound by tradition. The road is wide open.

Over the years, we at Going Concern have written about all kinds of public accounting exit opportunities from corporate finance to startups to academia. One possibility that doesn’t get much lip service around here: sales.

Bear with us, we know it’s a bit out there of a suggestion. What if there were a way for you to utilize those awesome people skills you learned from interacting with clients and colleagues in public accounting and could apply them to making other people’s lives easier? People whose shoes you’ve been in so you understand their pain points better than anyone?

Is interacting with clients one of your favorite parts of public accounting? Are you a little competitive? Do you break the “introverted accountant” stereotype? Can you write a killer email? Then the opportunity we’re about to share might just be for you.

Our friends at FloQast are looking for current and former public accountants with a handful of specific skills because it takes a certain kind of person to thrive in this role. FloQast actually employs former auditors and accountants on every team within the company. You heard that right: They make it a priority to identify and train professionals with accounting backgrounds in order to influence operations, specifically on the sales side. If you’re the type who actually likes talking to clients, solving problems, and working in teams, perhaps you’re exactly who they are looking for. Does this sound like you?

  • Demonstrated ability and desire to learn new concepts
  • Eager to be coached
  • Commitment to self-improvement and success
  • Team player with a collaborative orientation
  • Ability to remain organized and execute in a fast-paced environment
  • Tenacious and committed to exceeding targets
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Competitive, ambitious and driven, with a self-starter attitude
  • Interested in starting a sales career

About 90% of the team has past audit/accounting experience because it’s that experience that makes you uniquely qualified to understand the problems the people you’ll be talking to are having and how FloQast’s accounting workflow automation can solve those problems. Didn’t you ever sit around at your firm some days wishing a fairy godparent would appear out of thin air, wave their wand, and take a bit of the stress and tedium off your plate? Well, that’s what you’d be doing for others in this role. Cool, right? Sorry, the wand isn’t included.

“I just hit my two-year mark, and I realized that there hasn’t been a single day where I was dreading coming to work or just feeling unmotivated.”

— Former auditor who hasn’t felt the Sunday Scaries in 104 consecutive weeks since joining FloQast

Add to that you’ll be working for a high-growth tech company which sounds impressive on a Bumble LinkedIn profile. It’s a unique experience on the technology side that will sharpen your already awesome communication skills so there’s that, too. Still not sure? Check out what these three auditors have to say about their transition into tech [PDF warning]. Just a heads up: FOMO might strike fast when you’re reading about people who used to do what you do having a way better time at work than you are right now.

“FloQast invests so much time and effort into proper training, and having other accountants who’ve been through it already available to help you. When you’re surrounded by motivated, intelligent people who all want to see you succeed, it’s almost impossible to fail.”

— Brandon Malekie, CPA, Inside Sales Manager, FloQast

Why You Should Apply

Customer success is a priority at FloQast and their 500+ 5-star reviews on G2 Crowd don’t lie. Just check out all these glowing endorsements from customers whose lives are made better because FloQast is in them.

Do you ever go on Glassdoor for fun to see what horrible things people are saying about the accounting firms they work for? No? Just us? OK well you won’t find many negatives on FloQast’s Glassdoor page. 95% of reviewers say they would refer FloQast as an employer to a friend. Like this guy who actually has time to go to the gym now that he works for FloQast. Imagine: you could finally work on your quads!

“My overall well-being has improved significantly, I have more time (and money) to spend with my family and friends, and I love my job and LOVE talking about what I do. Both my mental and physical health have improved drastically.”

— Guy who has time to go to the gym now that he doesn’t work in public

Go on, check out their Glassdoor reviews yourself.

And of course, the part you scrolled this far down to read about, comp and benefits:

FloQast offers competitive compensation, stock options, full benefits, and a positive and supportive work environment.

FloQast is regularly rated as one of the best places to work:

  • Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2021
  • Best Places to Work by LA Business Journal since 2017
  • Built In’s ​​Best Place to Work in Los Angeles since 2018

Ready to receive this sign from the universe and seriously consider your next opportunity? Read on to learn a little more about FloQast and get a link to apply. Tell them GC sent you!

About FloQast
Recognized as one of the Most Innovative Finance Companies of 2022 by Fast Company, FloQast is the leader in accounting workflow automation created by accountants for accountants. The cloud-based, AI-enhanced software is trusted by more than 2,000 accounting teams, including those at Snowflake, Twilio, Instacart, Zoom, and The Golden State Warriors. In July 2021, FloQast raised a $110 million Series D at a $1.2 billion valuation — and still growing!

What We Do
By automating common accounting workflows and helping to streamline and make them more efficient, FloQast is the place where accounting teams want to work so they can focus on what matters most, even when that’s just logging off on time. Whether automating reconciliations, documentation requests, or streamlining recurring accounting processes, such as the month-end close, financial reporting, or payroll, FloQast enhances the way accounting teams already work to help them operate more efficiently. Learn more at

Don’t meet every single requirement listed on the job ad? We encourage you to consider applying anyway! You may be the right candidate for this role or for other open roles.

Apply for this unique opportunity as a Business Development Representative (Audit/Accounting Experience) at FloQast here.