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Crowe Horwath Two Steps Closer to Pure Anarchy

Not be outdone by their crosstown1 rivals, Crowe Horwath announced earlier this week that not only can their employees wear whatever they want, they can work wherever they want, too (subject to approval of course):

The firm's new mobility strategy, which was rolled out in December, includes two policies integral to the firm's approach to attracting and retaining the profession's best talent. The first initiative, "What to Wear," dictates that if you're in the office and aren't meeting with clients, you can keep it casual and wear jeans any day of the week. The second, "Where to Work," allows personnel to work wherever it's convenient and they're most productive, with support from their performance manager.

If you're keeping score at home, the firm would like to point out that it is "the first top 10 public accounting, consulting and technology firm to foster casual dress in the workplace with jeans being part of the everyday experience and a flexible work location policy for all employees." Noted!

Why go this route? The firm says it's because, "Younger people have grown up doing homework online, working on tablets, holding meetings in coffee shops and fielding job interviews via Skype,"  so I guess that means, the internet loves denim? Also, Crowe will be hosting clothing drives, so all its employees can donate their business to Goodwill. That's kinda nice.

I think if this trend of dress code deregulation continues in the accounting profession, we'll have to embark on a search for the most casual work outfit deemed acceptable. First CPA to send us a picture of her/himself in a velour tracksuit while in the office on a weekday wins $10 and our undying respect.

1 Really, it's like a half-mile, just go with it.