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Friday Footnotes: Leadership Training Fail; Feedback Phrases to Avoid; Phantom Income | 09.11.15

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Why the Leadership Industry Has Failed [SGBS]

The 9-to-5 Workday as Liberation [T]he boundaries between work and leisure have effectively dissolved, and the 8-hour workday has made way for the 24/7 workweek. Now, the notion of 9-to-5 work, once the emblem of a dull and boring life, is worth reclaiming as an empowering symbol—one that could help reinstate the temporal boundaries that once protected life from work. [The Atlantic]

Three Passive-Aggressive Phrases to Avoid When Giving Feedback [Lifehacker]

Don’t Bother Fixing the Tax Code Unless You Fix the IRS Too [Joe Thorndike/Tax Analysts]

Strong accounting demand creates rising salaries Jay McWatters, a partner at Dopkins & Co. LLP public accounting firm, never made his salary the focus of his career. He said “compensation (will) take care of itself” if financial professionals provide good work and service with a positive attitude and a solid work ethic. [BBF]

Lawyer Bikini Party: Not The Ideal Marketing Plan [Joe Patrice/ATL]

Keurig unveils Campbell's Soup K-Cups [USAT]