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A CPA Firm with a Chief Creative Designer? A Conversation with Adrian Simmons

Ed. note: This is another interview in our series of discussions with accountants-turned-entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who run a business in or around the accounting profession. Whether it's an transforming an accounting firm, opening a coffee shop, or developing a mobile app, we're talking to entrepreneurs who know accounting. If you want to suggest someone for this series, email us.

Adrian Simmons was one of those people you hear about in Big 4 — after two years at KPMG he left. But he wasn't done with public accounting. He joined his father's firm and has been helping build that business ever since. Along the way, he became affiliated with heavyweights in the profession like Ron Baker and Jason Blumer, as a Practicing Fellow at Baker's VeraSage Institute and the Director of the Laboratory at Blumer's Thriveal.

We're going to talk about his unusual title, his career, his firm, the future of accounting and whatever else comes up.