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CPA Exam Score Release Dates

CPA exam score

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After months of studying for the CPA Exam, success boils down to one moment: the moment you receive your score. Your CPA Exam score determines whether all of your preparatory effort was effective, so you probably want to see your score as soon as you can. Therefore, in order to manage your expectations about the release of your score and accurately plan your score release celebration, you should review the CPA Exam score release schedule.

The Format of the CPA Exam Score Release Dates

The score release dates indicate the day on which NASBA will release the CPA Exam scores to the state boards of accountancy, and these dates overlap the testing windows during which candidates can sit for the CPA Exam. Traditionally, a testing window has consisted of the first two months of a calendar quarter, and the scores for exams taken during these two months have been released on four specific dates in the quarter. However, with the testing window extension that will begin in the second quarter (April/May) of 2016 and continue until the new version of the CPA Exam is released mid-2017, the first 10 days of the third month of the quarter will also be included in the testing window. The scores for exams taken during the third month will be released on two specific dates in that month.

Scores may be released within the earliest hours of the score release date, so candidates usually do not have to wait all day. However, some boards of accountancy require approximately one week of additional time to process and post exam scores, and the thorough analysis of the written communication tasks might also push the score release back one more week for candidates who just completed the BEC section of the exam. Furthermore, the AICPA clearly states that these score release dates are targets, not guarantees, so factors such as the turnaround time of your state board of accountancy or any scoring inquiry you have made may delay the reception of your score as well.

Please note that all dates and times are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone, and scores for international candidates are released according to the same timeline as domestic scores. Also, please be aware that Prometric sends the examination data files to the AICPA within 24 hours after a candidate finishes the exam, so if the AICPA receives your exam score after the cutoff date, then your score will become available on the next scheduled score release date.

The Dates of the CPA Exam Score Release

The following timetables reveal the 2016 CPA Exam score release dates for Q2 and were first posted on AICPA Insights and on the AICPA’s website.

CPA Exam testing window

Finding Your Score on the CPA Exam Score Release Date

There are two ways you can find your CPA Exam score on the proper score release date: visiting NASBA’s website if your state board of accountancy offers NASBA’s online score retrieval service or checking with your state board to determine where your score will be posted.

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