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CPA exam…. Is it really that hard?



Sat for first part of CPA last Saturday (Reg). Self studied for section for 8 weeks with Becker. Nothing special followed program exactly and did a solid 10 hrs a day 3 days leading up to test cram session.

I walked out of testing center feeling relatively confident. MCQ got harder (good sign) 2nd and 3rd testlets but were manageable overall. SIMs difficult but nothing that I hadn't covered. 


My question is is whether the CPA exam is as hard as everyone makes it out to be? Studying wasn't fun especially after work but it wasn't "OMG the CPA is gonnnnnaaaa killll meeeee :(" bad that I've heard a lot of people complain about. Am I just being over confident and stupid or what? Guess I'll see in Feb when I get my score