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Confirmed: There Is a Shortage of Good Accountants in the Sex Industry

Way back in March of 2010, we shared with you a plight in our country: there simply are not enough good accountants serving professionals working in the sex industry. At the time we learned of Companions (NSFW unless looking at semi-nude women is kosher), an escort service in Salt Lake City whose proprietors slightly underreported their income which resulted in a tax evasion conviction. We wondered if this particular industry was dry of good accountants and tax advisors who might be able to assist entrepreneurs such as these and the professionals they employ to avoid similar situations.

As happens from time to time, someone with direct knowledge reached out to us and we now have at least one person on record confirming our suspicions:

Hello Caleb,

I came across your March 23, 2010 article, Is the Shortage of Good Accountants in the Sex Industry an Opportunity? and felt compelled to write. You see, I am a tax preparer that has been servicing the adult industry since 2006, doing my best to help those in the industry with knowledge and compassion. What began as helping a few phone sex operators and dancers file their tax returns with dignity has grown into a big part of my business. So, the answer to your question is, yes, the shortage of good accountants in the Sex Industry is indeed an opportunity – for those who wish to practice with ethics and respect. If you wish, you may find more about me and what I do from my website

I am now eager to peruse the rest of your website.

Lori, The Tax Domme

For anyone in need of services, the Tax Domme has a new office location in downtown Seattle and if you’re looking to carve out your own niche practice, you can get in touch with Lori for tips on anything you might want to know. For example, what happens when a well-to-do john needs a companion on a round-the-world trip? If animals are a regular part of the business, is it better to lease or buy? Would whips, chains, spreaders, etc. purchased by dominatrix be eligible for a §179 deduction? All relevant questions that have no doubt come up in the world of the Tax Domme.

So here’s an opportunity to be had people. As long as you manage to keep things professional you can cater to a virtually recession-proof industry. Can’t say we never told you.