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Confirmed: PwC Partners In Charge of Tallying Oscar Ballots Have No Connection to KPMG

It's February which means important traditions are observed that include rodents, candy hearts, and of course, football. Handing out Oscars is another February tradition and that includes red carpets, a drunk baked Joan Rivers and, last but not least, PwC auditors in tuxedos. The PwC auditors are usually the butt of recycled jokes what with their average looks, awkward manner, and sensible automobiles but you know what? There wouldn't be any Oscars handed out with them because no one in Hollywood can count past 5.

Anyway, PwC always goes on a PR bonanza for the Oscars, reminding everyone that they've been counting the ballots since FDR was in the White House, and that their formula to determining the winners is a secret only known by a select few. The two men in charge of this all-important and glamorous engagement are Brad Oltmanns and Rick Rosas. Oltmanns has been a lead on the engagement since 2004 and Rosas since 2001, so they've got lots of experience keeping secrets, acting casual around hot bodied celebrities, and…counting. Clearly talented guys. And I know what you're thinking, "They must have cut their chops at KPMG like everyone else at PwC in order to be in charge of such an important engagement." Well, my friends, as common of an occurrence as that is, we've confirmed that neither Oltmanns nor Rosas has ever worked at KPMG and no other connection to the HoK has been discovered.  

I know! This is a shocking revelation to be sure, but after an exhaustive investigation that included reviewing each of their LinkedIn profiles, and inquiring with PwC, the only thing we learned was that Mr. Rosas did a short stint with Deloitte before joining the firm in 1996 and Mr. Oltmanns joined the firm after graduation.  

Now if there is a Klynveld konnection for Oltmanns, Rosas, or anyone else on the "tight-lipped team" Oscar tabulation team, please email us immediately. This, still, isn't quite believable.