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Confirmed: People Who Work For Deloitte Are Zombies

A Deloitte career page

We always suspected there was something odd about people who work for Deloitte, now we know. They’re zombies! It seems Deloitte offered up a unique recruiting ad during yesterday’s long-awaited Walking Dead series finale.

Excuse the potato quality of this screen recording, I’m on a Windows 3.1 machine. I’ll see if I can dig up a better copy.

You can also find it here among a few other zombified ads that ran last night, or here on Deloitte’s website.

First seen on Reddit where the reactions are mixed. Some people think it’s genius, others think it’s stupid while still others think it’s brilliantly self-aware. And then there’s this person:

Thoughts? Thoughts other than “oh my God, The Walking Dead was still on the air up until yesterday?”