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Comp/Bonus/Promotion Watch ’13: PwC Overachievers Should Prepare Acceptance Speeches

It's April, which means there are three short months left in PwC's fiscal year. This also means your practice leaders are warming you up for the annual meeting expectations process. Along with that come promotions, bonuses, and all the other things that make all your sleep deprivation and 10 extra pounds worth it.

But for a lot of people, hearing that "you're right where you need to be" doesn't really get them jazzed up to get back out there, serving the capital markets with gusto again in FY14. With this in mind, and also knowing that some sort of recognition is needed, PwC seems willing to experiment with an alternative approach. 
PwC NYM Risk Assurance practice had their all hands meeting today where in they discussed the time line for next contribution awards, promotions etc including [an] award presentation ceremony called RA SCARS to replicate the Oscars for people who did some small shitty stuff throughout the year.
Interesting idea. Of course this begs many questions like: 
1. What are you wearing on the red carpet?
2. Who is tabulating the results of nominated "small shitty stuff"? Can this truly be an independent process? What if "big shitty stuff" deserves recognition?
3. Will there be a surprise appearance by Bob Moritz?
4. Should we expect more Sally Field-type acceptance speeches or Jack Palance?
The other potential problem with this idea is that there could be relentless campaigning among those nominating the small shitty things that people did throughout the past year. We can only hope that only the most deserving professionals will be recognized. And not Anne Hathaway.