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Comp Watch ’12: Grant Thornton Capital Market Servants Want Some Love

A simple request from someone out of the Purple Rose of Chicago:

I know its not Big 4, but would you mind starting a thread on GT comp adjustments coming up this year?
Mind? Apparently you're one of those people that think these pages devoted to the kvetching of Big 4 employees. Not so! When it comes to maintaining a venue for capital market servants to discuss their sorry-ass raises and bonuses, we're an equal opportunity provider. 
Anyway, back to the firm at hand – GT has done a decent job of spreading the wealth around in the past year, although it has mostly consisted of handing out war paint for laptops and employees
But let's forget about tattoos for now. This post will serve as the Purple People's initial thread as they anxiously await the word from up on high. If you've got suspicions or have heard rumors about GT's comp or any other firm for that matter, email us.