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Comcast: Let It Be Known That We Did Not Ask PwC to Fire That Guy

Here's the latest from the Comcast/PwC dogpile on Conal O'Rourke — Charlie Herrin, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience at Comcast wrote a brief blog post today apologizing to him: 

What happened with Mr. O’Rourke's service is completely unacceptable.  Despite our attempts to address Mr. O’Rourke’s issues, we simply dropped the ball and did not make things right.  Mr. O’Rourke deserves another apology from us and we’re making this one publicly.   We also want to clarify that nobody at Comcast asked for him to be fired.   

Ars Technica reports that Conal O'Rourke's attorney Maureen Pettibone Ryan is not satisified, stating: A) This sorry, not sorry statement is not appreciated nor accepted and 2) We don't buy that you didn't ask for O'Rourke to be fired:

We view this apology as more of a public relations strategy than a public apology. Comcast has yet to contact Mr. O’Rourke through his lawyers at Dhillon Law Group Inc. with this apology, which calls its sincerity into doubt. Furthermore, we would note what is missing from the apology.
First, Comcast has not promised to investigate its involvement in Mr. O’Rourke’s termination or to release the e-mails or taped calls that would prove that he is telling the truth and that Comcast defamed him to his employer.

Second, Comcast’s claim that “nobody at Comcast asked for him to be fired” does not resolve the matter. While we disbelieve this statement, even if it were true, the Controller’s office at Comcast knew when it made the ethics complaint to PWC that if PWC believed the complaint, Mr. O’Rourke would be terminated. Comcast made false and defamatory statements about Dhillon Law Group Inc.’s client to his employer, knowing the outcome would be termination, and we will not allow that to stand.

Our sources tell us PwC's PR team is hard at work right now drafting a similar apology.

LOL. Actually, no. That's a lie, they aren't doing anything of the sort. We reached out to them and their statement from earlier remains the same. We'll continue to keep you updated.

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