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CliftonLarsonAllen Is Finally Officially Done with Employee Pay Cuts

Thanks to the four denizens of CliftonLarsonAllen who were eager to tell us today and over the weekend that the firm restored employees’ full pay to pre-Rona levels on Aug. 1.

CLA was one of the first top 10 firms to come out of the gate announcing employee pay cuts due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. CLAers had their salaries reduced by 10% starting on May 1, which was originally supposed to last through the end of 2020, in an effort to cut costs and prevent mass layoffs. (To our knowledge, there hasn’t been a mass layoff at CLA; however, we have been told there were “performance based” job cuts.)

But in early June, CLA CEO Denny Scheppler told the group that employee salaries would go back to normal on or before Nov. 1. Unfortunately he dashed the hopes of CLAers who were hoping to get back the pay they had lost since May 1 by saying “this is not a ‘reimbursement of salary’ back to 5/1.”

But CLAers were given a Bluetooth speaker:Then in a video to employees on July 31, Scheppler told them that their full pay would be reinstated on Aug. 1. One source told us that DS said “financial results are better than expected resulting in the ability to reinstate pay.”

But did Scheppler have a change of heart about employees being given their cut salary back? That source said:

No talk about bonusing back pay.

Another source said:

Nothing yet on back pay so time will tell.

But wait, a third CLAer told us:

From what I’ve heard the goal is to return lost pay as a year end bonus depending on how things shake out.

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