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Here’s What Happens When You Hire AI to Do Accounting

AI jr accountant

For a good decade we’ve heard about the robots that are going to render accountants obsolete, now we finally get a peek at the glorious technology that will transform the industry as we know it. You should prepare yourself, this advanced technology will have you on the University of Phoenix website ASAP to get a jump on the Master’s of Tik Tok degree you’ll need if you have any hope of being employed in the next five years. Meet Steve:

Steve is what happens when you combine Jason Staats (@JStaatsCPA) and ChatGPT (happy now, Brandon? ChatGPT has officially been mentioned on GC). Like any good employer in this sector, Jason threw poor Steve straight into the deep end with minimal onboarding.

Because Twitter annoyingly crops out big ass images in embeds we had a human (me) save each image in the tweet chain and manually upload each one, Jason’s tweets are linked in the captions. This website is too cheap to hire some script to do this for me. Yay job security!

Steve is asked what he hopes to get out of this jr accountant job and answers like any new hire should.

I like the cut of his jib

IMO the “strong relationships” thing is a bit much, comments like that make HR jumpy. You do you, Steve.

Jason assigns Steve a simple project. “A client needs an income statement for their banker. They just sent over an excel of their business transactions. Don’t spend more than an hour on this.”

Don’t spend more than an hour on this

This is what Steve provides:

I like what you did with the bold in the table you’ll have to show me how to do that
But it looks like we’ve got some issues, here are my review notes

This is probably the point where Steve starts posting on Reddit about how he is overwhelmed on his first day and wondering if he made a poor career choice. Alas, he obliges.

Advertising still isn’t right junior

Why is this image so tiny? You know what, I don’t care. Steve receives another review note. He’s crying in the robot equivalent of a bathroom now.

Good job but I found another issue

Jason’s faith is wavering but like any good leader, he urges Steve on. Come on, Steve, you can do this.

K good job but you didn’t update net income

I’ll give you a pass this time we’ve all done it

Steve quickly Googles “passive aggressive messaging for business” and responds to Jason with this. He passes the bag back to Jason which is an effective tactic in the field assuming one did not actually receive the CSV file in question.

I just sent you the CSV

Bonus points to Steve for using “hope this helps,” I’ve used that in place of “go fuck yourself” many times in my professional career. This kid will go far.

This might not be the right profession for you

Are you kidding? Steve is perfect for this profession. Plus with the shortage and all we can’t really be choosy, any warm body wi–oh, wait. He’s not a body. Well whatever, he’s doing his best OK.

Can you update the formatting

I just need a double line cool it

Steve, no one would fault you if you walk out right now. But if you’re going to hack it in this profession, you need to learn to internalize your frustration and mask it with feigned helpfulness. We believe in you.

LOL atta boy.

Please listen carefully to what I’m saying


In the end, Jason decided to let Steve go. It’s probably for the best. Steve would probably be a better fit on Replika or as a T-shirt bot on Reddit.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors, Steve. Follow @JStaatsCPA for more AI harassment ChatGPT experiments. We joke that this thing isn’t taking your job any time soon but it’s a whole helluva lot smarter than it was even five years ago. Might want to bookmark that University of Phoenix internet marketing degree page just in case.

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