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CGMA Designation Gives You an Edge, Says Insufferable AICPA Article

If you dare, try to get through the first two paragraphs of this post from the AICPA Insights blog without throwing up in your mouth:

In a recent Financial Times article, Sally Fisher of Deloitte noted that while they are not new skills, “you rarely find in one individual strong technical skills, strong commercial acumen and strong behavioral skills.”
She’s right. Fortunately, CGMA designation holders are a step ahead in satisfying the ever-changing needs of their organizations. In the years of experience and education that led to earning their designations, they have worked to complement their financial skills with the business acumen needed to contribute fact-based analysis and recommendations on a range of topics critical to corporate operations and strategy.
All I could muster after reading that is, GUHHHHHH. 
Our friend and contributor Greg Kyte wrote an extensive post on this cold turd last fall, but he sums things up nicely in this tweet that pointed us to the post: 

The AICPA's post then plugs a couple of studies that…oh forget it, it's just awful. Everyone just mail the AICPA $150 asking them to stop this.