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I transferred to a University of California from a community college fall of 2015 as a junior. I had a 3.8 GPA from community college with 90 semester units. That fall, I went through recruiting and got a Big 4 internship offer for the following summer. During my junior year I earned a 3.0x cumulative UC GPA with 40 quarter units. I turned in my transcript at the end of the internship and received a full time offer.

After my summer internship and offer, I earned 2 c’s during fall quarter 2016 and am anticipating 1 more C this winter quarter 2016. I earned 3 c’s junior year, so I will have a total of 6 c’s. After this quarter I think my UC GPA will be around a 2.9x.

Do you guys think this will affect my job offer. I’ve dug through all the past post but couldn’t find any information on the UC vs CC GPA. My offer letter mentions “maintenance of academic standing.”

I read a lot of posts talking about keeping above a 3.0 GPA. Generally is this 3.0 GPA the combination of the UC and CC GPA or just the UC GPA?

I know that some firms are more strict than others and it depends, but I’d really like input on my situation.