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CBIZ and MHM Get a Makeover

CBIZ and MHM debut new logos

CBIZ and MHM have finally ditched the ‘1999 amateur golf team’ logos and transported themselves into current day with a fresh new look to celebrate stellar performance and dynamic client service. Of course there are a pair of press releases to mark the occasion, here is MHM’s:

Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. (“MHM”) has updated its logo to represent the dynamic firm’s strong, sustained growth as well as its ongoing upward trajectory. The contemporary look reflects MHM’s rich history dating back to 1954 and rise to becoming a top national accounting firm. MHM is an independent CPA firm providing audit, review and attest services, and is associated with CBIZ, Inc., a business consulting, tax and financial services provider.

The refreshed logo comes as CBIZ updates its own corporate logo, and features similar attributes, including brightened green and blue coloring and the vector imagery.

“Our firm has experienced unprecedented expansion in both size and talent, and our new logo encompasses that momentum,” said Andrew Gragnani, President of MHM. “As accounting professionals, we are constantly evolving to meet the unique needs of our clients and fully understand their financial picture, and our modernized logo reflects our ability to change with the times without losing sight of our core values and mission.”

With a 69-year legacy, MHM remains an accounting firm with a strong reputation. This can be attributed to its deep understanding of clients, represented in its tagline, “Knowing You.” The firm is dedicated to providing premier service by sticking to its core values of integrity, stewardship, diversity and inclusion, excellence and coming together as one firm. MHM’s focus on its people, processes and culture positions the firm to continuously provide high-caliber service, securing its prominence in the industry and continued growth.

“Brand images are often the first impression people have of a business, and this refreshed logo symbolizes the promising future of MHM without neglecting the long, rich history of the organization,” said Gragnani. “Following years of historical success for the firm, it felt like the right time to unveil a forward-looking, modern logo to better present the extraordinary value proposition MHM has to offer.”


CBIZ, Inc., a leading provider of financial, insurance and advisory services, unveils its new logo today to better reflect the 27-year-old company’s growth in size, scope, service offerings and team, as well as its plans for continued innovation as a recognized leader in professional services. The modernized look tells CBIZ’s story from its founding to today, and its growth over time through acquisition of best-in-class firms that have enabled the company to offer a breadth of services and depth of expertise unmatched in the industry.

The logo features new bold colors and typeface while also maintaining the vector from the historical logo. The vector is central to the “One CBIZ” core value, illustrating the power of many coming together as one to accelerate growth.

“We are proud to share our new logo which reflects both CBIZ’s history and our bright future,” said Jerry Grisko, President and CEO of CBIZ Inc. “Coming off a record year for growth in 2022, it was the right time to refresh our brand image and showcase our new logo as a symbol of the unique value that we bring to our team members and clients through ‘the power of many coming together as one to accelerate growth.’”

Mark Waxman, Chief Marketing Officer of CBIZ, added: “Brand images are most successful when they truly reflect the values and mission of the organization. In this case, the vector image is far more than a graphic element. Its meaning truly tells the story of who we are and why we do what we do.”

As a leading national provider of professional services, CBIZ’s mission is to provide exceptional advice and solutions to help clients achieve their goals, as well as be recognized as the premier provider of accounting, insurance, and advisory services. CBIZ continues to grow and strengthen its service offerings, including comprehensive and innovative solutions that assist clients with their most important growth opportunities and most urgent challenges.

CBIZ also pursues growth through strategic acquisitions, including the recent acquisition of Somerset, a leading tax and accounting firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. This innovative approach, coupled with a keen focus on client service, investing in people and building an award-winning culture, has propelled CBIZ to the top of the industry.

Although it feels like they used “leading” way too many times in that news release it only appears thrice. Trust me, I CTRL-F’d.

Here’s the old look:

And new:

New logo for accounting firm CBIZ
New logo for accounting firm MHM

What do we think? I took a graphic design class in 1997 so can say with some authority that the new logos are an improvement.

2 thoughts on “CBIZ and MHM Get a Makeover

  1. I 100% guarantee that they paid some marketing firm six figures (or more) to design these new logos, while at the same time having to come up with an excuse for their employees why there weren’t bigger raises this year.

    1. CBIZ/MHM employee here – no excuses were made or needed, raises and bonuses were substantial in my market.

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