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Review Comments | 01.04.10

tim-geithner.jpgTurbotax Timmy? Dancing Helio? Let’s Pick the 2009 Taxpayer of the Year! – There’s also the guy that said hookers were medical expenses. [Tax Update Blog]
Tax Consequences of Extreme Philanthropy – Rick Warren’s reverse tithing sounds confusing. [TaxProf Blog]
Levin apologises for $164bn AOL deal – It was just arguably the worst merger ever, it’s not like it brought down the entire economy or anything. [FT]
CBIZ, Mayer Hoffman McCann buy South Florida firm – MHM functions as the audit arm of CBIZ and took the attest portion of Goldstein Lewin & Co. while CBIZ took the non-attest portion. [Kansas City Business Journal]
Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Conflicting Disclosures by Reveal Improper Audit Opinion Shopping – Sam Antar points out the gory details behind the Thornton blamestorming. Guess whose pants are on fire? [White Collar Fraud]
H&R Block settles nationwide IRA lawsuit – Not such a good day for H&RB. [Reuters]

Review Comments | 12.31.09

2010.jpgSubsequent Events Proposal Issued By FASB – Someone please tell Norwalk to take a break. [FEI Financial Reporting Blog]
Are Taxes the Root of Unhappiness? – Of course! [WSJ]
Die Now – “If your estate totals between $1.3 million and $3.5 million, it’s cheaper–from a tax perspective–to die this year.” Time is running out! [Tax Vox]
Here’s what’s not gonna happen in the new year – Tiger Woods giving marital advice. [NYP]
2010: Walking away will gain cachet – From your house that’s under water, that is. [Rolfe Winkler/Reuters]
Jets Ban Alcohol at Giants Stadium for Final Game GASP [Bloomberg]
CFOs Prefer Restaurants for Meetings – According to a survey. Was that really necessary? [Web CPA]
That’s it for us today. Happy New Year! Go out tonight and make a scene (safely). We’ll see you on Monday!

Review Comments | 12.30.09

Thumbnail image for Tim_geithner.jpgTurbotax Tweaks for Timmy – Problem solved! [Tax Update Blog]
Rich Cling to Life to Beat Tax Man – 31ish hours to go. Hang in there withering rich people! [WSJ]
IRS Outlines Hot Topics for Tax-Exempt Organizations to Watch in 2010 [Not-for-Profit Blog]
Affluent investors turn bearish on tax, reform worries – If you have more than $500k in investable assets, apparently you’re not happy with what’s going on in DC according to Spectrum Group’s affluent investor index. Is death the best option (starting Saturday of course)? [Reuters]
Bernie Madoff returned to jail cell after stay at North Carolina hospital – Home sweet home. [NYDN]
• On a completely unrelated note, It’s Tiger Woods Birthday. [Dlisted]
Lawsuit of the Day: Mike Leach v. Texas Tech University – For the Texas Tech readers out there and whoever likes college football. [ATL]

Review Comments | 12.29.09

Thumbnail image for Joe-Francis.jpg‘Girls Gone Wild’ Founder Sues IRS – The newly crowned Douche of the Decade is in a litigious mood. After threatening to sue Gawker for the prestigious honor he was bestowed, DOTD is now suing the IRS for freezing his assets. Will someone stop to this man douche?[Web CPA]

Bill Would Require Comptroller General to be a CPA – Now there’s an idea. [Web CPA]

Lehman administrators PwC repay $11bn to creditors – Seems like good news. [BBC]

2010: Get Ready for a Tax-a-palooza – “Facing trillions of dollars of expiring Bush-era tax cuts, President Obama and Congress will be forced to make some critical decisions in the new year.” [Tax Vox]

SEC Seeks PAFs: Jan. 13 Deadline – Professional Accounting Fellows. You. [FEI Financial Reporting Blog]

Let’s Talk About the Terrorist Underpants, Shall We? – Yes. Let’s. [DI]

Revealed: How Oscar Nominee Ballots Are Counted – Because we know you were wondering. [The Wrap]

Tax Court Channels Kenny RogersRaj isn’t the only fan. [Tax Update Blog]

Shareholders Win Settlement in Comverse Suit – Deloitte pitched in $275,000. That’s roughly the equivalent to one partner’s Starbucks budget. [Web CPA]

Bouncing Back: Overcoming a Negative Performance Review – Anyone? [FINS]

Tax Accountants to Get Biggest 2010 Raise – Good news already! [TaxProf Blog]

Review Comments | 12.28.09

agony.jpgAT&T Resumes Online iPhone Sales – You can step away from the window. [WSJ]
Best of 2009: Careers – Strategery, layoffs, and that shifty bunch in HR. [CFO]
TaxProf Blog Named Best Law Professor Blog of 2009 – Congrats to the Tax Prof! [TaxProf Blog]
Reality board game craze hits Argentina – One game is entitled Eternal Debt aka The Game of Life in the U.S. [FT]
Over 15 PwC tax professionals quit; to join rival KPMG – Relax, it was in India. Seems as though the Satyscam is causing a mini Exodus from P. Dubs in India. [Business Standard]
Fewer People Were Murdered in New York This Year Than Any Year on Record – See? 2009 wasn’t so bad. [Daily Intel]

Review Comments | 12.24.09

Fannie, Freddie Disclose Big Jump in CEOs’ Pay – It wouldn’t be a joyous holiday season without baiting the populists. [WSJ]
Schwarzenegger Seeks Obama’s Help for Deficit Relief – A last minute gift idea? [Bloomberg]
IRS Odds of Getting Audited Increase with Income – Get right out of town. [Web CPA]
Best of 2009: Accounting – If you’re so anxious for St. Nick that you can’t sleep tonight, these topics should help. [CFO]
Bernie Madoff Gets Sh*t Beat Out Of Him – Took long enough. [DB]
That’s it for us today. We’ll be back next week on a light schedule unless the Big 4 apocalypse occurs. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, et al.

Review Comments | 12.23.09

How big of a problem is cybertheft from banks? – One thing is for sure, everyone is lying. [Felix Salmon]
IRS Has 70% Error Rate in Issuance of Taxpayer ID Numbers, Resulting in Fraudulent Tax Refunds – Seems about right. [TaxProf Blog]
U.S. retailers open past midnight in holiday push – One strategy…[Reuters]
Yahoo to shut down for a week to cut costs – …and another. [Los Angeles Times]
That’s it for us today. Travel plans and all. We’ll be back tomorrow to get you through your half day. In the meantime, occupy yourselves with this:

Review Comments | 12.22.09

inerncoffee.jpgThe Goldman Sachs Coffee Conspiracy – Worse than Flavia? [Gawker]
CIT’s CFO follows CEO in retiring – Submit your resumé now. [Reuters]
How to choose a hedge fund manager – Probably works just as well as any other strategy. [Felix Salmon]
SEC Charges Austin-Based Investment Adviser in Fraudulent Scheme Utilizing Football Stars – So go with talk shows, avoid jocks. Got it? [SEC Press Release]

Review Comments | 12.21.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for geithner-tim.jpgChristmas Gifts for that Special Tax Person – A possible gift for that Tim Geithner groupie in your life. [TaxProf Blog]
GM Recruits Microsoft’s Liddell as New Finance Chief – Apparently GM’s finance department had some Deliverance thing going on. [Bloomberg]
Top 50 Blogs for Accountants – There are some familiar names on this list, including GC. Thanks! [The Biz-Learner]
Rajaratnam, Chiesi Plead Not Guilty – Doing what’s best for investors is not a crime. [WSJ]
Crazy Eddie inductee talks about walls of false integrity – Sam Antar = Hall of Famer [Con Artist Hall of Infamy]

Review Comments | 12.18.09

BKD CEO elected to second term at helm – BKD had a much easier time than BofA. [Springfield Business Journal]
Last Laugh for Late Tax Lawyer – Only death applies here. [Web CPA]
Teed-Off Facebook Dumps Patrick Byrne Accounts, Issues Stern Warning – Took long enough. [Gary Weiss]
Voting now open for worst footnote of 2009! – A company purchasing antique maps for $12 mil? A $1.95 signing bonus? A worthless yacht? [Footnoted]
Accenture and Tiger Woods and Outsourcing – Accenture isn’t looking for the new face of the company. [CFOZone]
And for the Christmas music lovers:

Review Comments | 12.17.09

Thumbnail image for charlie rangel.jpgRangel Introduces Mutual Fund Tax and Regulation Bill – Charlie Rangel. Working for you. [TaxProf Blog]
SEC: Negative Equity Doesn’t Mean No Impairment – This implies that this rationale worked on someone at some point. [Compliance Week]
Is Your NFP in Danger of Losing Tax-Exempt Status? – “The IRS requires that if an organization has not filed any version of the Form 990 for three consecutive years, it will automatically lose its tax-exempt status on the due date of the third year.” [CB&H Not-for-Profit Blog]
Senate Panel Backs 2nd Bernanke Term – Much to the dismay of some. [WSJ]

Review Comments | 12.16.09

300px-Toblerone-1.jpgSwiss Report First Appeals Filed in UBS Tax Case – Two scofflaws from the pool of 500 want to talk this over some rocky nougat. [NYT]
The Top Recession Lesson for 2010 – Plus, there’s a countdown clock to 4/15/10 already. [CPA Trendlines]
Are We Asking for Future Problems? – “There are some wonderful masters programs in accounting. There are many, though, that don’t provide sufficient value for the extra buck being charged.” [The Summa]
Tax Court Finds Thighmaster’s Tax Shelter Flabby – “[F]irm thighs only get you so far in Tax Court.” GTK. [Tax Update Blog]
Fidelity fires four for playing fantasy football – You’ve been warned. [Star-Telegram]