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Career Opportunities: Mail Away Accounting Degrees

Loblaw note: this is one of those sponsored posts that no one reads. 

In this day and age, no one has time to study. So that's why you should just cough up a few bucks and use your life experience to earn your advanced degree.

That's right. Surviving high school alone is a feat and then you were driving around your grandparents' old Buick and that's worth a few points too amiright?

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a "traditional" education, why not apply a couple thousand and your extensive life experience to achieve the degree you desire?

PhD? Why bother! That's just a few extra bucks and maybe like a year or two of experience living on your own as a grown up, no biggie. We'll figure it out. That's our job.

We don't have a basketball team but like you care. Just give us a few dollars and you'll be applying to the top Accounting firms in the country in no time!

Big 8 will be bending over backwards to get you with you're new credential. Studies show 18 out of 19 employers prefer to hire an Accountant with a valid degree from a licensed educational institution. And 25 of the top 30 employers in the country employ employees with advanced degrees. Of these, none called to verify the school listed on candidates' resumes actually exists.

So email The University of the United States Bermuda United States today to discuss your career options. Please email us at the new Yahoo address set up after we were banned on Hotmail. The FTC has banned us from linking to our esteemed establishment in blog posts so please Google us today and let's talk about you're future!