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Calling All Armchair Politicians: This Year’s AICPA Accounting Competition Seeks a Presidential Advisor

Unfortunately certain armchair politicians who frequent this website are likely too old to enter the 2012 AICPA Accounting Competition but for student members of the AICPA currently enrolled in school, there's a $10,000 prize waiting for the team who can come up with winning strategy for a made up presidential candidate you'll be advising:

You’ve joined a team running an election campaign for the next President of the United States of America.  Your organization has seen its clients struggling with the financial issues faced by many Americans and you believe that your years of experience in management accounting gives you the big picture perspective needed to provide practical solutions to these issues.   You are knowledgeable in the governmental process because of your active volunteer work on the AICPA’s Government Performance and Accountability Committee coupled with the work you did with the state auditor’s office a few years ago.  Your professional background has exposed you to the local and state government and work in the Federal arena is the next step for you.  You’ve received your CGMA designation (Chartered Global Management Accountant) this year, so your skills are also recognized internationally

Like in every election, your team must develop your candidate’s proposed solutions to address current issues as part of the candidate selection process.  For the purposes of this debate, you will briefly outline your proposals for 2 of the 3 main issues stated in the full case.  You’ll receive the issues after you sign up for a team.

 Use your background and work with your campaign team to develop a brief summary on how your candidate will address your two selected issues. You've got 1,000 words, maximum, to outline the best solutions to some of our nation's biggest challenges..

First round submissions are due by October 1.

An informative Q&A takes place September 6th with one of last year's winners and you can get all the details you need from This Way To CPA. Winners will be announced December 20 after a long process of judging, semi-finals, public voting and more judging.