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Busy Season Problems: Approaching the Team Member Whose Hygiene Does Not Meet Expectations

Because 2013 is the year of the kuddle, it may be necessary for you to make some adjustments in your behavior at the office. For starters, it's important to remember that while kuddling may reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve relationships, it may not be welcomed by all of your co-workers. This could be for a number of reasons that include but are not exclusive to: 

1) Overkuddling — You can get too much of a good thing.

2) Kreepy Kuddling — You're a little too eager to kuddle.

3) Smelly Kuddling — There could be a personal hygiene issue.

Since it's busy season, it's understandable how all three of these situations could occur but #3 is especially dangerous because things like flossing, laundry, showering and the like can fall by the wayside.

Historically, accounting firms have not been terribly creative when it comes to training its employees on how to handle these situations. And, truth be told, we don't really have any great suggestions either but by a stroke of luck, our sister-from-another-mister website Training Zone has a video that will, at the very least, show you how NOT handle scenario #3:

It may also be worth mentioning that it is unlikely your suggestion for a team shower will be received any better. Sometimes it's just helpful to know what doesn't work.