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This Busy Intern Will Not Let Silly Work Get In The Way of Important Things Like Getting His Tires Rotated

Names changed to protect the "innocent" though really there is nothing innocent about this email sent from one busy intern to staff making the rounds today:

Hey Bob,

Hope things are going well. As interns we do not have access to ARMs so until Jack informed me I was unaware I was working 10 hours at [the client] next week. I'm not sure when I'm needed or when you would like me to come in but this Saturday (2/16) I have a highly condensed schedule of errands that I would like to run in the morning and early afternoon. This lists includes getting a new license because my license is expired. I have an appointment for my car to get a front end alingmnet and to get my tires rotated. I also need to run to the bank, and go to the bookstore and take back some items from Christmas! As an intern (and more so as an employee of a Public Accounting Firm) it is extremely difficult to find the time to get errands like these done because we often work til 7:00 or 8:00 pm or even later. At 7 or 8 pm nothing is open and I cannot run to the bank, the license bureau, the bookstore, or my mechanic.

We do have days off on Sundays but on Sundays these places are simply not open. During busy season with our lives so focused on work it is a struggle to get things done outside of work. This is why I am asking not to work this Saturday (2/16). I have made these plans and appointments to do these things this Saturday before I new I had to work with [the client] this week. I apologize for the length of the email but in its entirety I believe you can sympathize with me and understand my pressing need to get these things done. Hopefully you'll understand. I can speak with Bill, manager at [unnamed law firm], and ask him if I could go to [the client] one day during the week next week. I'm sure it wouldnt be a problem.

In closing, if you desperately need me to work on Saturday no need to fret I will come in and work but if at all possible I am asking to not come in that day because of the short notice of me working at [the client] and me alreadly scheduling things to do on that day. Let me know what you guys decide. Oh, and tell the team I said Happy Valentines Day!

Steve the Intern

Now, I think everyone can relate to dishes piling up and important tasks such as waxing lady parts or spending quality time with loved ones taking a backseat to work during busy season. But returning Christmas presents?! REALLY yo?

On the upside, this intern may be able to scratch "running to the bank" off his list of important errands. No need to fret, Steve!