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A Bunch of Jerks in San Diego Booed Phil Mickelson and His KPMG Hat for Donating Money That Will Buy Books for Kids

In today's there's no way we could completely mock this and feel good about ourselves news, Phil Mickelson and his hat did something awfully nice at last night's Monday Night Football game between the Chargers and Broncos, even if things didn't quite go as smashingly as the post-game press releases made it seem. You see, when he isn't getting all TMI about his psoriatic arthritis and pimping out Tony Robbins motivational conference hotel chains, Phil is using his golf skills for good not evil and giving to charity.

Phil and his hat hit the field during halftime last night for KPMG Chip4Charity to score a donation up to $1 million for youth literacy program First Book. Unfortunately for Phil, the 100-yard shot went about as well as the second half of the game did for the Chargers.

Mickelson and his hat got the shot onto the green for $50,000 but couldn't quite nail the three rings ranging from $100,000 to $1 million for hitting the bullseye in the center of the green. Still, $50,000 will help First Book purchase 20,000 new books for kids in need.

"We applaud Phil for hitting a great golf shot today and helping KPMG in our mission to support youth literacy. In too many communities, the biggest roadblock to children's literacy is simple access to books; today's event is part of the broader work of KPMG's Family for Literacy and First Book to get books to kids who might not otherwise have access to them," said John Veihmeyer, Chairman and CEO of KPMG LLP, the U.S. Audit, Tax and Advisory firm. "KPMG and Phil share a passion for doing everything we can to help children in need get off to a good start in life, and we're proud to come together to make an important difference for young people in need."

"It was great fun and extremely rewarding," said Mickelson after hitting the green for the big pay-off for literacy. "This huge number of books for kids in communities that need them most is going to make a big impact and I am proud I was able to have a hand in that."

"Our friends at KPMG have stepped up time and time again over the years to help us get books to kids in need," said Kyle Zimmer, president and CEO of First Book. "Now, with some help from Phil Mickelson and his amazing shot, they're helping us put 20,000 brand-new books into schools and programs in low-income neighborhoods across the country. These books will make a huge difference in a lot of lives."

Now, according to some sources and, well, the video of the shot, Phil and his hat completely flubbed and left the field defeated to a chorus of boos but hey, $50,000 is better than nothing, right buddy? Don't let the haters get to you, man.

Phil's hat was not immediately available for comment. Good thing it can't read or it might get its feelings hurt by coverage of Phil's long shot last night.