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Bonus Watch ’22: KPMG Generously Gifted 1/5th of a Grubhub Order to Industrious Staff Working Through the Super Bowl

a large amount of pennies spilled out of a jar

The lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch.

From Reddit (of course):

Screenshot of KPMG email

The screenshot reads:

A message from [redacted] and [redacted] | February 9, 2022

On behalf of the NYFS Audit partners and MDs, we would like to thank you for all your efforts and perseverance. This Sunday, in honor of the Super Bowl, please take a pause and treat yourself to a beverage or a snack — you deserve it!

  • The budget is $10 per person (no receipt required)
  • Please use the charge code [charge code] and note Audit Busy Season Thank You as the business purpose

***Please also be sure to take fun photos during your Super Bowl celebration and submit them to the Talent Energy Team by February 18th. We will be awarding prizes to the top three submissions.***

We thank you for your hard work!

New York Financial Services Audit
Business Unit Partner in Charge

Soooo ten bucks in the costliest city in the United States? Wow. Don’t spend it all in one place now! Here are some ideas for those lucky KPMGers with a whole Hamilton burning a hole in their pocket:

This comment pretty much sums up the expected reaction to this generous endowment:

wE tHAnK yOU fOr yOuR hArd WoRK!