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Blind Item: Something Might Be Going Down in Grant Thornton’s Marketing Department

We received this snazzy little item in the tip box and while it has not been confirmed, the commentary is so passionate that we can't help but think maybe just maybe this can be trusted. Names have been removed to protect the innocent:

[Marketing Lady] says only 4 positions eliminated but does not mention the waves of resignations across the country and positions that will not be refilled. PEOPLE HATE THIS WOMAN. She is the devil. Sends out a weekly newsletter where she used to talk about all the poncy show-horse riding she does on her stallion. Finally got the message that it was a little irritating to the readership. She has completely fucked the marketing department in every way possible — loves to talk about retaining talent but also says shit like everyone is replaceable, and if they're not happy don't let the door hit yer ass on your way out. Retains a bloated leadership team of asskissers who LITERALLY do nothing, someone tell me what the brand and advertising director does now that advertising hasn't been in the budget for over a year, and made a big stink about how those poor bigwigs sacrificed their own pay increases so that we the peasants might have a little more gruel in our cups with the new fiscal year. Oh yeah, thanks for the 1.7% pay increase on my 4/5 rating. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU DANCED IN ON, LADY.

Wow. Why so hostile?

A different tipster writes:

Cuts in GT marketing. THANK GOD the marketing leadership team seems to be unaffected by these cuts!! I mean, we have no fucking clue what they do, especially [redacted], but just thank goodness they are still there to make five times what the rest of us do. THANK GOD.

And now, for the alleged email.

[Lady, Marketing]
Sent:   Tuesday, October 29, 2013 5:07 PM
To:    (M&S) professionals

M&S team,

During the past several months, the FY14 business planning process compelled all of us in leadership to take a hard look at where to best focus resources against Grant Thornton’s three strategic priorities: driving organic growth, improving profitability, and expanding talent and capabilities.

As you know from our recent M&S All Hands Call and the announcements I made on July 24 about the reorganization of our content, regional marketing and integrated teams, M&S is committed to helping the firm achieve its FY14 financial objectives.

While we’ve done much to best align our resources, the firm challenged all ECS and ICS functions to look at even more ways in which we could best position the firm for improved profitability.  In August, firm leadership specifically requested that M&S reduce both its operating expenses and its compensation expenses in the FY14 budget.

Our first step was to defer some hiring and freeze several (not all) of our open positions. And as natural attrition within M&S occurs this year, we will evaluate each open position against the firm’s evolving business needs.

In addition, to meet the firm’s expense reduction request,   four current positions will also need to be eliminated from M&S. These job eliminations are based solely on changing business needs and priorities. The employees that are impacted by this have already been notified and will work through Nov. 8 as a transition period.

This decision was not made lightly. I conducted a thorough review of our team, which includes more than 190 employees. My recommendation was reviewed and approved with full support from MSLT, the Operating Committee, [some guy] and the other members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Job eliminations are always difficult for everyone involved.  I am very aware that this decision deeply affects the employees who are departing both professionally and personally, and that this transition is also sobering for the entire M&S team.

I want to thank the employees who are departing for their service to the firm and for their many contributions to our business.  I am committed to supporting these colleagues with networking and referrals to help them make the best possible transition to the next step in their careers.  Please join me in supporting each of them as they transition from Grant Thornton.

Your MSLT leaders – [redacted] – will continue to work with you to make sure our M&S programs and expenses are aligned with the firm’s goals.

Thank you in advance to each of you for your professionalism as we navigate our way through this challenging business environment.


Not sure how this affects the Regional Marketing Manager position in Charlotte GT posted earlier this month… game on?

If anyone has any additional insight to offer, let it rip in the comments or you can always email us.