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Accounting News Roundup: Comfortable Audit Firms and Non-GAAP Whistleblowers | 05.21.18

mnuchin tesco trial identity fraud

The ‘big four’ auditors have life far too easy [FT]
Jonathan Ford writes that “There is a public interest in making life less comfortable for the masters of the auditing universe,” also noting that “Britain could catalyse wider action by leading the way [by forcing a break up.]”

The Big Four: Break-Up or Audit Only? Can They Survive the UK Regulators? [re:Balance]
Meanwhile, Jim Peterson worries that the torches and pitchforks in the U.K. might not realize what they’re doing. He points out that since mandatory re-tender was implemented in Britain that Grant Thornton has given up on auditing FTSE 350 companies and BDO might not be far behind. Also, he says audit-only firms are not the panacea they’re made out to be.

Deceptive non-GAAP financials will lead to future SEC whistleblower awards [AT]
Given their widespread use, the possibility of the SEC paying awards for some extra-egregious non-GAAP reporting seems like a pretty good bet.

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