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Footnotes: Apple’s Tax Rate Puzzle; Talking Shop with Jim Turley; Tax-free New York (Conditions Probably Apply) | 06.04.13

Calculating Apple’s True U.S. Tax Rate [DealBook]

New York Attorney General Sues HSBC [WSJ]

California Senate Votes to Strip Boy Scouts of Tax-Exempt Status [AWEB]

High School non-musical IRS scandal edition. Joe Kristan is only two degrees removed from Lois Lerner. Fascinating. [Tax Update]

More than 80% of “Tea Party” Applications Should Have Been Reviewed Anyway [Martin Sullivan/Tax Analysts]

Ex-Porsche CFO Haerter Convicted Over Failed VW-Bid Loan [Bloomberg]

Jim Turley called Tim Cook's performance in front of the Senate Permanent Subcomittee on Investigations brilliant. [JBJ]

Governor Cuomo’s “Tax-Free NY” Plan [TF]

Michael Froman, a longtime White House economic aide nominated to be President Obama’s trade representative, holds close to $500,000 in the Cayman Islands and received millions of dollars to divest himself from Wall Street accounts that rely on a tax loophole the administration has sought to close. [NYT]

Anchor and Meteorologist Can Barely Hide Their Disdain for Each Other This is amazing. [Gawker]

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