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Big 4 Violin Virtuoso Needs Your Help Winning a Trip Down Under

Because we’re more or less a family here at Going Concern, when someone needs our help spreading the word about anything from compensation news to winning a ski getaway, we’re happy to help.

Today’s accountant-in-need is Larry Chou (a SA at PwC, if our LinkedIn search skills serve), who is trying to win a trip to the Sydney, Australia in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra competition:

Dear Going Concern,

From the recent posts, it’s clear that you guys are interested in musical talent around the Big 4.

I work in the tax group at one of the firms, and I entered a competition as a violinist for the Youtube Symphony Orchestra. 100 winners of the competition will get a free trip to perform in the Sydney Opera House in Australia. I made the final round, and public voting is currently open! I need to get as many votes as possible, so could you please help me spread the word amongst my fellow bean counters? They just need to follow a link to vote…it takes 5 seconds. Please see the letter below, thanks!


If you’re unaware, Larry is obviously referring to our stories from October about a partner who was desperate for a pianist, basically challenged his entire office to step up to the plate and, ultimately, had his prayers answered.

ANYWAY, as you can see, Larry has bigger fish to fry. Here’s his audition:

He also passed along some instructions just so you can get this ball rolling:

How do I vote?

1) It only takes 5 seconds! Between December 10-17 (inclusive), please follow the link below to watch my video and vote for Larry Chou (lchou008). You may have to scroll halfway down the page to get to my video.

(Note: You do NOT need a Youtube user account to vote. Just follow the link!)

I’ve voted…now what?

2) Vote some more! The voting period extends from December 10-17, and you can vote once every day. That means you can vote 8 times if you remember to do it every day. This competition is on Eastern time, so each “voting day” on Pacific time technically runs from 9pm to 8:59pm of the following day. Additional votes from the same user on the same day are thrown out.

3) Check out my Facebook group page or my Facebook fan page.

4) Spread the word! I’m going to need every man, woman, and child to get in on this. Tell your friends, your family, your significant other, your co-workers, your classmates, your barber, your gardener, and your waiter/waitress! Just kidding (but not really, I’m going to need all the help I can get).

Thank you for your support!!

Well. What are you waiting for? ‘Tis the season to help other people out or something or other.