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Big 4 Recruiting is Gonna Hate This

A highlight: “Generally, you shouldn’t have a year end one after the other,” says Tara. “But the company went under a hiring freeze and I wound up with five or six clients’ year ends back to back. I was working excessively long hours and work life balance just went out of the window. I’d get into work at 8AM and leave at 4AM,” she says.

Overworked and underpaid: Why grads are ditching jobs at the Big Four [The Tab]

One thought on “Big 4 Recruiting is Gonna Hate This

  1. The vast majority of people entering the Big 4 need to continiously define there own career path. Only a small percentage of those who enter actually make it to the Partner level. For these people, once they’ve determined they don’t want to be a Partner, they should be planning their next career move. Working in the B4 is not easy as you chase the almighty billable hour. But don’t ignore the experience. The training and experience you get in the B4 is second to none. And the credential will open up doors for the rest of your professional career. It sux, but hang in there.

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