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Believe It or Not, Deloitte and EY Have Some Prestige In the Banking World

It’s a given every year that the Big 4 firms will end up in Vault’s rankings of the best and the most prestigious accounting and consulting firms to work for. But banking? Yeah, last year I found out that’s a thing, for Deloitte and EY anyway.

In Vault’s 2020 Banking 50, Deloitte Corporate Finance was ranked 45th while EY Capital Advisors finished 47th. Up until last year I had no idea there was any Big 4 presence in Vault’s annual ranking of the best banking firms to work for, which is based on an annual survey of banking professionals. But Deloitte Corporate Finance had made the top 50 every year since Vault began its bank ranking in 2011, and EY Capital Advisors was ranked the past five years.

Even KPMG Corporate Finance and PwC Corporate Finance have been ranked in prior years, with 2017 being the last time all the Big 4 firms made the Vault Banking 50.

Well, Vault recently released its Banking 25 for 2021. No more Vault Banking 50 for now. And Deloitte Corporate Finance and EY Capital Advisors didn’t make the cut.

But like with its annual accounting and consulting firm rankings, Vault lists the 50 most prestigious banking firms each year, based on the feedback of banking professionals who take part in the survey. They aren’t allowed to rank their own employer, just their competition.

And look who came in 44th and 46th for 2021:

The gang at Vault should come out with its 2022 Accounting 50 rankings any day now so stay tuned.

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