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Bad grade in a non-accounting class

Hello everyone,

Hoping someone can either curb my anxiety, or give me some advice as to what action I need to take.

My school requires all business majors to take four, separate one-credit hour classes designed to help students figure out what they want to do with their lives. They are non-negotiable and very bureaucratic in nature. The classes basically require you to go to a bunch of events and read a career self-help book on which you are quizzed on.

Long story short, and I got a D+ in one of these classes this past summer, which is still passing as it’s pass/fail (Although I don’t understand why we have letter grades if it’s pass/fail).

I ended with such a low grade because the quizzes were initially take-home and could be completed anywhere, but a group of students got caught sharing answers. Because of this, our instructor changed the protocol to require all quizzes to be taken in the university testing center. The problem is, this was changed right before I had to go out of town for one of my SLPs and I missed the quiz, dropping my grade from an 87 to a 67.

Outside of this class, I have gotten an A in literally every single class I’ve taken in the college of business. I expect to earn all A’s in my upper-level accounting classes this semester as well.

I accepted an internship (summer 2018) with a Big 4 firm and despite my good grades in every other area, I worry about the ugly mark of a D+ on my transcript, even though it’s only 1 credit hour and not an accounting class. My university allows grade forgiveness, but the original grade doesn’t get removed from your transcript, it simply swaps the new one to count towards your GPA. I currently have a 3.8 with the grade, so it wouldn’t make a huge difference even if I did re-take it.

Do I have anything to be worried about? If so, what should I do? Should I proactively contact someone at my firm? Re-take the class?

Thank you