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Background/Credit Checks for Accounting jobs

I recently applied for a position that requires a satisfactory credit check.  The position is to become a Staff Auditor with a regional accounting firm.  Unfortunately, when i was in my teens I got a cap one credit card that i maxd out and then charged off.  Also at that time I got a small installment loan of $3000.00 and i defaulted at 1100.  The reason i couldnt pay was because I went to college and when i went my job was suppose to transfer but it didnt so i ended up not working the first year when all of this happened.  There is nothing else negative on my credit report now other than those 2 items and i am scared that this may disqualify me from the position.  Does anyone know what the steps are that HR takes to credit check and what they are looking for? Is my issue seriously enough to disqualify me from the position.