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Audit career big 4 and mid tier

I got an offer from the best of second tier and will start soon, BDO/GT  you guess. I graduated from a top 50 university with 3.9 GPA, and just completed the MSA program at a top 20 school. Half year before start date, I’ve passed all sections of CPA exams. Even though recruiting season has been a year, I was still frustrating that I didn’t get a big 4 offer. Since I was in college, I was not only top of the class but had good internships with big banks, industry accounting, etc. But eventually I just wanna land with a Big 4 audit job but couldn’t get it. Lot of my classmates are getting multiple big 4 offers. Everyday for me is gloomy.

I’m seeking for really mental help. I will start my job at my second tier soon but I don’t think I’m ready. I want to work with the people that best of the best (big4), I don’t want be viewed as a second-tier accounting student. I feel ashamed on putting the mid-tier firm on my resume but I got to make for a living so I accepted the offer.

Is there a possibility to switch to Big 4 firms and when can I do it at the earliest? I checked on a lot job website like, but almost didn’t find such position as experienced audit associate, all they are looking for are managerial levels advisory, technology positions, and so I’m even more frustrated and I don’t know where to go.

Also, how the client base will differ between Big 4 and top mid-tier? Will that influence the future career? My friends at Big 4 boasted that they have huge clients so that they know a lot of complicated stuffs for a company and could put on the resume?

For me, I don’t have anything. Just got a job and get going. I regret go to such top schools’ MSA program, just get credits from community college.

Again, I don’t think I’m happy at all. I barely smile since one year ago. Please help.