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Attention KPMG Kampers – Phil Mickelson Needs Your Help!

We’re dispensing with QOTD today to bring you an opportunity of a lifetime. Phil’s cozy little love nest in Santa Fe, CA is up for grabs and we think it’s a grand idea for a few Klynveldians to pool their resources together to take it off his hands. It’s been on the market for two years so obviously T Fly isn’t up for it and neither are any of the freshly minted honchos.

So we leave it up to you, men and women of KPMG. Get some friends together and make the man an offer. It’s currently listed at just a shade under $9 mil so it’s completely unreasonable. What you do to celebrate your new home after the close is up to you. If you’ve got suggestions for theme parties, technical accounting trainings or simply a shrine to man himself, give your best shot in the comments. But of course take a gander first….

Helicopter not included