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Armanino’s ‘Perfect Taco’ Video Will Make You Swear Off Mexican Food for Life

Dear accounting firms,

Year after year y’all pour countless dollars and manhours into producing some of the cringiest YouTube content in existence (topped only by Joey’s World Tour and his obscene foodsex noises) and each time you manage to outdo yourselves with cringiness. Just stop. Stop trying to relate to “the kids,” and definitely stop paying middle-aged marketing execs to tell you how to do it.

With that out of the way, Armanino has released a new video called “The Perfect Taco” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in the cringe department. From the strange premise to the bad acting, add a couple scenes and this could easily be some kind of weird porn for people with a business casual fetish.

The description tries, and fails, to explain what the hell tacos have to do with accounting firms so we’re already off to a great start.

Building the perfect taco takes a mixture of the finest ingredients, brought together to create a complex flavor profile. What does a perfect taco have to do with Armanino? Watch our latest video and find out why a taco and an accounting and consulting firm might be the best combination

OK, well maybe the video will explain it. Let’s see.

SPOILER: he gets a taco.

Soooo… did no one catch the obvious creepy undertone of a dude hunting for “the perfect taco” in an office full of women? No? Just me? OK.

Armanino is pretty proud of this so hey, who are we to rain on their parade? It could always be worse.