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Area Man Arrested After Attempting to Reclaim Donated Underwear

Provo, UT (AP) — A Provo, Utah man was arrested earlier today after he entered an area Salvation Army, demanding he be given back underwear that he donated the previous week. According to the police report, the man was beligerent, waving around a receipt that he claimed was given to him after he donated the underwear. A Salvation Army employee called police after the man started screaming about unethical nature of the Salvation Army's return policy.

Greg Kyte, 41, of Provo, was booked on misdemeanor criminal mischief and released into the custody of his wife and two young children. According to the report, Kyte, a CPA, was sitting in front of the Salvation Army early this morning before it opened. According to one witness who saw Kyte waiting, "I saw him texting on his BlackBerry and assumed he was another down-on-his-luck guy, waiting for the store to open."

Once inside, Salvation Army employees say Kyte walked over to the underwear section and immediately began rummaging through items. After a few minutes, he stormed over to Jessica Littlejohn, a Salvation Army employee and said, "I would like my undies back." When Ms. Littlejohn informed Kyte that that wouldn't be possible, he flew into a rage, pulled out a laminated copy of his CPA license and demand that he speak with a manager or "someone who has a working knowledge of tax law." When employees informed Kyte that "the accountant was off today," he started quoting IRS regulations that supposedly give him the option to reclaim "the whites," as he referred to them. 

When reached for comment, Kyte said, "My official statement is under there." When asked, "Under where?" Kyte responded, "Exactly."