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Anyone survived the PIP before?

I recently got dinged due to my w/p and my counselor has given me the PIP. He told me the language is harsh but the plan is for my own good toward improvement. I signed the form since 1) Whether I sign or refused to sign it, the review will still be on my record and 2) i doubt they care about what my opinion is.

I have been thinking about switching out of audit since this is my 2nd year and I am not feeling the passion in audit. I also want to work towards something else (advisory, financial analyst, fin. reporting, and etc).

My question is…

1) is it too naive to think the PIP is really for my own good or they going to terminate my employment anyway?

2) Did anyone survive the PIP? I feel like i should start looking just in case, plus it doesn’t hurt to look around.

3) Did it affect your career for those that got the PIP?

My friend told me not to waste time and just start looking since they will critique every single w/p that i will be doing. His colleague had the same situation and left the firm after a few months…