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The AICPA’s New CPA Exam Brochure Is Both Informative and Kind of Sexy

Most current CPA exam candidates have no idea how far the exam has come over the last few years. When I started in CPA review back in 2007, NASBA's website looked like it had been designed by the same team that created the original Super Mario Bros and candidates had to use Pony Express to submit their applications to their state board. OK, I made that last part up. But it was bad. Really, really bad. Hardly anyone was on then-brand-new Twitter back then, so you couldn't just tweet NASBA for an answer, you actually had to sit on the phone waiting for a human being to pick up. Well, you still do, but you get my point.

Those of you who remember the days of badly-formatted materials, janky logos and frustrating interfaces can therefore appreciate the leap made in the AICPA's 2013 CPA Exam brochure. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT IT. I want to take it to dinner and try to make out with it over a 6-pack of Raging Bitch, it's just that hot:

Not only is it hot, it's informative. Candidates might ignore it anyway but hey, at least they tried.

Some things never change…