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AICPA Unveils Its Most Desperate Pipeline Initiative Yet

Steve Buscemi in how do you do fellow kids meme

Surely this will get the kids interested in accounting!

She’s riding a skateboard because you can’t afford a car on a public accounting starting salary.

From AICPA & CIMA’s Career Launchpad on This Way to CPA

Why’s there a bearded hipster hanging out creepily in the back?

Some appropriate Twitter reactions:

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5 thoughts on “AICPA Unveils Its Most Desperate Pipeline Initiative Yet

  1. What a joke, showing how out of touch the leaders of our profession are. If the profession wants improve recruitment and stop the bleeding of experienced CPA’s, then it needs to, excuse me, grow a set and stand up for the profession. We are under regulatory assault, with lawyers and bureaucrats, with no accounting background, attacking us day after day. Onerous rules continue to be promulgated, and CPA’s have their profession careers upended on a weekly basis- with no end in site. Where are our leaders? We need to clean house at the AICPA and our State Societies, and get rid of the people diluting our profession by admitting everyone short of grave diggers, and replace them with people focused on fighting for the CPA profession.

    1. Agreed 10000 billion percent with what Robert just wrote. Bureaucrats and Lawyers have taken over the accounting profession and are pushing their own agendas. AICPA is just a facade for the BIG 4 oligopoly and their master plan for world domination. Sole practitioners are being driven out of business and forced out of the profession altogether. Vast amounts of audit work are now being offshore outsourced to countries like India or turned over to ChatGPT. Sad but I fear nothing will change until there is another Enron or Worldcom or Arthur Anderson type of massive accounting failure.

  2. I think we need to be guarded with our criticism against descending into useless snark. There are plenty of things to criticize the AICPA and their Big 4 compadres about, I don’t think this is one of them. I’ll confess though this looks a bit unserious to me, 50 something CPAs are not the target – high school kids are. They have to try something, this at least will do no harm.

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