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Senior Managers Out of F*cks to Give Are Acting Up in Review Comments

Saw this on Reddit this morning, good thing I grabbed it before it got deleted just like this Sr. Manager’s career.

Text of the original post transcribed below:

I’m a Manager, a Sr. Manager is leaving me profanity / border line insulting review comments – what to do.

First time working with this guy and i am getting review comments like “this is fucking garbage” – referring to a sentence. Or things like “JFC how many times are we going to mention XXX”, and multiple f bombs or things insulting my work, or implying i am making a huge error when its just completely overblown.

This seems unneeded and almost hostile. I am pretty confused on what to do, should i just ask him to stop? should i go to our boss? he has been a pretty big dick to me the entire time for really no reason.

Also i am 7 months into this firm, hes been there 6 years now (spent 5 as a manager before finally being promoted to Sr. Manager, so i suspect our bosses know hes not the best).

Guys, I know we yammer on all the time about how desperate firms are and I did say “you could probably take a dump on the senior manager’s office right now if you wanted” and won’t get fired because that’s how desperate they are but come on, let’s be professionals here.

Then again…apparently making workpapers look like the text chat of a heated Overwatch lobby is not a fireable offense according to OP’s edit/update so hey, dump away I guess. đź’©

4 thoughts on “Senior Managers Out of F*cks to Give Are Acting Up in Review Comments

  1. I would do 2 things – 1) bring it to your partner’s attention (which you did) and also to HR. 2) go on interviews for a similar role at another firm, and see what they are offering. If other firms are giving a drastically higher offer, I think it’s time to mention this event in connection with your future at the firm.

  2. I was on the receiving end of many emails and review notes like that throughout my accounting career. I have no idea why I put up with it as long as I did (that’s not true — “putting up with it” was the expectation).

    As a former CFO (and customer of the audit function), I would just note to be really, really, careful about what gets into the notes (whether paper or electronic). Someone, somewhere, sometime, is going to forward that garbage to the client. Or worse, it will be subpoenaed in discovery…

    It may be time to seek an alternate workplace. Best of luck!

  3. Call the whistleblower hotline and say that the senior manager is sexually harrassing you. That’s the 2022 solution to any workplace problem.

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