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An Accountant’s Weekend Reading: Father’s Day Edition | 06.15.12

The EU Smiled While Spain’s Banks Cooked the Books [Jon Weil/Bloomberg]

Grover Norquist to address House Republicans about tax pledge [DC]

Ex-CFO at former private mortgage firm Taylor Bean gets 5 years for role in $3B fraud [AP, Earlier]

PCAOB Announces 43 Scholarship Program Recipients for the 2012-2013 Academic Year [PCAOB]

23rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition – I'll be in Orlando covering various speakers including former Senator Chris Dodd and ex-Olympus CEO Michael Woodford. If you're attending, find me and say hello; I'll be wearing funny glasses and severely underdressed. [ACFE]

FRC: Big Four risk swapping quality for quantity in audits [Accountancy Age]
Harvey Golub: A Simple Tax Code Is a Fair Tax Code [WSJ]

Conn. man calls 911 over beef about sandwich order [AP]

No, I Will Not Fix The Overflowing Toilet Today: The Dadspin Father’s Day Manifesto [Deadspin]
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