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Advice for the 30 Extra Credits for CPA Exam

I am going to be done with my 120 credit accounting major after fall 2018 (finishing a semester early due to credit overloads) and I was wondering what would be the best option for the 30 credits required for the 150 credits.
I live and go to school in Manhattan and I am in a CUNY school that isn’t super well known for Accounting. I’ve been interning in the Finance department of a private well known company for about 1.25 years and I plan to request to get an actual position within the department when I graduate. If I do, the company pays for school (most of it) and has amazing benefits which is why I plan to stay here. I did apply to PwC but I got rejected and honestly, the Big 4 doesn’t really fit my personality and I don’t really want to keep getting promotions. I would prefer to stick with a decent paying job and be content. I’m also going to be studying for the CPA exam while. I read and get mixed suggestions so I just want to see what you guys think.
Option 1: Take 30 credits of courses I’d enjoy and don’t necessarily relate to my degree of accounting. I have friends who are doing this but I feel it’s a waste of money and time maybe.
Option 2: Take 30 credits by doing a 2nd degree and transferring to a different CUNY school such as Baruch which is well known for Finance. If you do suggest this, what do you think I should do my 2nd degree on?
Option 3: Do a Masters at Baruch in maybe Finance/ Taxation or Computer Information Systems (This one seems interesting to me but I don’t know if it’ll be beneficial). If I were to do this, I’d do it part time and finish within 2 years. The thing is…will I be able to handle this, as well as studying for the CPA exam and working?
Option 4: Take 30 credits and after a few years do a Masters. I don’t want to do this only because I can just maybe do the Masters initially and save time and money.
Option 5: Don’t take any courses and decide AFTER the CPA exam since I only need the extra 30 to get the license.
Thanks in advance! 🙂