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ADHD in audit?

So yeah, this just came in.  My younger brother was recently diagnosed with ADHD. My mother pointed out how I was the same when I was younger. After a formal diagnosis, it was confirmed I had it also and still do. I just went on undiagnosed because, you know the 90s right? I also didn't get help for my mental issues even though I had a hard time, so it stayed as well as other issues I won't bring up. 

According to the shrink, I could go on or not without meds according to my choice since most adults with ADHD find coping mechanisms growing up. I'm a CPA so I must be doing great right? Well here's the thing, see my previous rant.

 I asked how the hell did I pass the board exam and college and my brain decided to go on kaplooey on my job. He said that the reason that I was doing fine until then was that my coping mechanism couldn't keep up with the new job, environment, mental stress, etc. Given that audit requires juggling workpapers, clients, managers, deadlines… my brain just went haywire.

Long story short, I'm 2 weeks into therapy and just understood what the hell went wrong, that why I was so bad at audit even though I'm doing my best. I am not blaming my ADHD for my failure to launch. It's just that now I understand my brain better. However, I just discovered I'm under deliberation for my shitty performance. I might not be able to put the fruits of my therapy into action for the next season.

Should I come clean with my ADHD and that I can do better (I graduated so I know I can make it)? Or should I just move to another firm or a lateral move where I can make a fresh start? As I said, I don't want to quit now. But management may just look at me like I'm just a mentally deranged person. though I think there's a law preventing discrimination against someone with mental issues somewhere, but I don't want to push it, fearing everybody might just ostracize me.

(I'm so out of it, you might as well call me Bad Luck Brian)