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Accounting News Roundup: Yahoo and Alibaba; Accountants Wanted in Connecticut; Flu Season at the Office | 01.28.15

Obama Drops Plan to Raise Taxes on ‘529’ College Savings Accounts [WSJ]
The White House had been taking heat from both Rs and Ds so they dropped the provision since it became "such a distraction."

Yahoo Would Rather Not Pay Taxes on Its Alibaba Shares [BloombergView]
The shares are currently being held in an entity called "SpinCo" and Alibaba will have to perform some tax magic to get them.

Greater Hartford accounting firms facing workforce shortage [HB]
For anyone looking to get in on some Connecticut, BlumShapiro, Marcum, and Whittlesey & Hadley could you use a few good (wo)men.

Don’t Sneeze: Office Etiquette for Flu Season [WSJ]
Is it too much to walk around with Purell? Nope! "Nicholas Turner keeps a bowl of hand sanitizer packets on his desk and has a sanitizer dispenser mounted on the wall outside his office at Dallas-based Kaye/Bassman International Corp., where he is co-chief executive officer. He places one-gallon vats of sanitizer all over the 100-employee offices of the executive-search firm, and posts a sign on his door saying that while “my door is always open,” anyone who feels sick should phone or email him instead."

How to tell if the guy in the next cubicle is an everyday sadist [Quartz]
(S)he may be considered a leader! "Many features of corporate psychopaths can be mistaken for leadership or positive traits," explains Cynthia Mathieu, professor of organizational psychology at Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres and an expert on white-collar psychopathy. "For instance, their lack of emotional responsiveness can be seen as a good business trait for leaders to possess, their grandiose promises and ambition to be successful can be seen positively for corporations."

'Zombie Cat' Claws Way Out Of Grave And Into Our Hearts [HP]
Ellis Huston though that his his cat, Bart, had been killed after being hit by a car. Huston enlisted a neighbor to help him bury Bart but a few days later and the buried feline dug himself up and found its way into another neighbor's yard. Of course this happened in Florida.