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Accounting News Roundup: Tax Reform Takes a Beating; Light Speed to Partner; Best Picture Noms and Film Credits | 03.03.14

Business groups turn on Camp [The Hill]
Exhibit A: A threat from the American Bankers Association's Chief Lobbyist James Ballantine: “We could probably send out a press release every day on something in the tax reform bill that we are not necessarily enamored with.”

EU endorses non-financial reporting for large companies [Accountancy Age]
This should make auditing a little more interesting: "
Large companies within the EU must disclose a host of non-financial information in their annual reports under accounting rules agreed between the European Parliament and Council. Under the rules, certain public interest organisations will include a statement in their annual accounts about environmental, social and employee-related matters in addition to human rights, anti-corruption and bribery issues, and boardroom diversity."

How to speed the path to partner [JofA]
According to one person quoted "never gossip" is among the strategies.  

In actually-uttered-on-Twitter news:

Oscar-nominated movies already winners thanks to tax credits [DMWT]
Hooray for Hollywood!

Ex-executive for Pearl Jam sentenced in embezzlement [ST]
Rickey Goodrich received a 14-month sentence for stealing $300k over three years. 

Lil Wayne The Only Lien I Care About Is In a Double Cup [TMZ]
He failed to pay taxes of 
$5,843,952 for 2011 and $6,311,132 for 2012.
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