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Accounting News Roundup: Take a Break | 04.19.17

donald trump tax reform

Trolling on.

Take a break

Although busy season wrapped up for many of you weeks ago, and for some, it’s still not over, the April 15 (18th, whatever) deadline is the symbolic date that marks the end.  Of course, some people in our a little corner of the media assume that you never take a day off and are already firing crappy clients or trying to find news ones or navel gazing or whatever.

If I may make a suggestion: Don’t do anything work related today (except maybe read this website). Watch an asteroid pass by Earth or drink five Unicorn Frappuccinos or call your mom or play with your kids or do some day drinking or take your dog to the park or listen to a bunch of comedy podcasts or binge watch Stranger Things again. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, then go do that RIGHT NOW.

Make it a day for a highly condensed schedule of errands. Drive to a state that has recreational marijuana. Or simply DO NOTHING. Whatever will remind yourself that you’re still a human being and not just an accountant that has to do accounting-y things. If you need to take tomorrow too, that’s fine. Or the rest of the week. Your professional life can wait a day or two.

Has Donald Trump released his tax returns?

Nope! One thing that I find amusing about the media’s quest to unearth Donald Trump’s tax returns is that they seem to believe that if they just try hard enough, he’ll cough them up. For example, there’s an editorial in the Los Angeles Times entitled “Enough excuses. Release your taxes, Mr. President.

Did the editorial board members read the headline aloud to each other and agree that it was stern enough? Did they think Trump would see it and go, “Oh, wow, the LA Times is really fed up. [turns in his chair to people behind him] Boys, get the tax returns, will you? The LA Times is pissed.” As if Donald Trump is the type of man-child that will listen to reason. As if this time, their combination of words about transparency and conflicts of interest and treason will all of a sudden gobsmack Trump into a man of ethics and integrity.

I’m not saying the media should stop demanding them or stop writing about his returns. I’m saying you can’t appeal to Donald Trump’s better judgment. That’s all.

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