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Accounting News Roundup: SEC’s Probes; Grant Thornton’s Billions; New York’s Flat CPA Numbers | 01.21.15

SEC Gets Busy With Accounting Investigations [WSJ]
The agency filed 99 accounting-fraud enforcement actions for the fiscal year end of Sept. 30. That's up from 68 in the previous year.

Grant Thornton Achieves Record Global Revenues of $4.7 Billion [AT]
Here's the service line breakdown: "Outsourcing services at the firm grew 12.4 percent to US$291 million.   Advisory services grew 4.8 percent to $1,373 million. Assurance services increased 3.5 percent to $2,027 million.  Tax services grew 2.7 percent to $950 million.  Other services provided by the firm increased 31.7 percent to $88 million."

Accounting licenses hold steady in NY [P&S-B]
2,594 in 2014; 2,549 in 2013. This is off a recent high of 4,099 in 2010.

Irate TurboTax Users Can Get Free Upgrades Or HR Block Substitute [Forbes]
All you auditors who are constantly bugged by friends, relatives, etc. for tax help may find this useful.

Echoes of Piketty in Obama Proposal to Address Income Inequality [DealBook]
In other words, a book everyone claims they read made its way into a speech no one listened to.

5 Hobbies That Make People Better at Their Jobs [FC]
Yoga, volunteering, playing a musical instrument, playing team sports, and improv comedy.

Foot Kissing Chiropractor Sentenced for Bribing IRS Agent [Federal Tax Crimes via Tax Update]
Apparently this guy thought it was just a cost of doing business.