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Accounting News Roundup: PwC’s Mulligan for Big Brothers Big Sisters | 07.29.15

U.S. watchdog refers PwC to ethics panel over audit of charity [Reuters]
PwC's audit of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America contained "extensive deficiencies," according to the DOJ's Office of Inspector General. "After problems were pointed out to PwC by the inspector general, the audit firm pulled its audit report on Big Brothers and issued a revised one in January this year, the inspector general's office said." PwC issued a revised report.

Toshiba to cut interim CEO pay by 90 percent on accounting scandal [Reuters]
The company is also slashing pay "of other senior executives."

How Long Should Confidential IPOs Be Secret? [CFOJ]
Current law allows company filings to remain secret 21 days prior to a roadshow. A bill in Congress, HR 2064, would reduce that period to 15 days.

The automation myth [Vox]
Matt Yglesias writes that all the "ROBOTS ARE COMING FOR YOUR JOBS" hysteria is wrong and that it's a problem that automation isn't happening faster.

Smoke That Pot Now, Chris Christie Tells Users in States That Allow It [Bloomberg]
Sounds like Christie is locking down the anti-pot and anti-CPA vote.

Ice Cream Truck Driver Arrested After Screaming At Children In His Underwear While On Drugs [Gothamist]
That's not good for business.