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Accounting News Roundup: PwC Nabs HSBC Audit; AICPA Offers Suggestions; Accounting Firm Sued…for Libel? | 03.18.15

HSBC confirms PwC will take over as auditor from March 31 [Reuters]
May God have mercy on this audit team.

AICPA Sends Tax Proposals to Congress [AT]
34 of them, to be precise.

Audit shows 74-year-old woman who served as accountant for orthodontist stole more than $680K [Fox6]
Joyce Sakach allegedly wrote 340 fraudulent checks payable to a fake company she created.

Meet the ORIGINAL fashion blogger, a flamboyant 16th century accountant [DM]
German-born Matthaeus Schwarz painted 137 watercolor portraits over 40 years.
Dallemand files suit against Macon accounting firm []
An accounting firm being sued is not unusual; an accounting firm being sued for libel and slander because of their audit presentation is, on the other hand, pretty unusual.
Writing Assessment for EY Leadership Program? [r/accounting]
Accountants are skerd of werds!
Meth Labs in Walmart: Not That Unusual [Slate]
In addition to last week's bust in Indiana, mini meth labs in Walmarts have been reported in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri and Texas.