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Accounting News Roundup: Next Deloitte CEO Still Taking Questions; Conflicts at the SEC; Lawyers vs. Accountants | 02.24.15

Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert, On The Business Of Professional Services [Forbes]
Chatty Cathy continues making the rounds. She got the "where do you see yourself (and the firm) in 5 years?" question. "We aspire to be the undisputed leader in all the markets we compete in, with the power to shape markets."

She Runs S.E.C. He’s a Lawyer. Recusals and Headaches Ensue. [DealBook]
Among Mary Jo White's conflicts are any case involving Deloitte. "In the nearly two years since Ms. White took over the agency, she has had to recuse herself from more than four dozen enforcement investigations, the interviews and records show, sometimes delaying settlements and opening the door, in at least one case, to a lighter punishment."

What’s Worse: Being A Lawyer Or An Accountant? [ATL]
A pointless and endless debate.

Granny Accountant Who Swindled $3.5 Million Tries Shopping Addiction Excuse In Court [OCWeekly]
A judge is not buying Patricia Francisco's excuses. 

UB School of Management grads crush CPA exam [UBuffalo]
U of Buffalo claims ownership to the top performance of New York's 10 largest accounting programs. 

Is Scurvy the New Diabetes? [Medium]
Just a reminder to stay healthy this busy season.